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Batman Automobilia - Batman Movie - #1

Batman Automobilia - Batman Movie - #1

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In Batman's first trip to the big screen since 1966, he faced a bleak Gotham City, over-run with crime and about to see the rise of its first costumed criminal - the Joker. The Batmobile was designed for this darker version of the Caped Crusader was unlike anything that had previously been seen. Gone were the familiar 'bat like' features and bizarre gadgets - in there place sat a jet-engine on wheels. The Batmobile is truly on of Batman's greatest assets in the 1989 film. Who can forget when the Batmobile is used to break into the Joker's deadly production plant and then uses the grenade feature to tear the factory apart. Of course, Batman emerges unscathed and unharmed from a cloud of chemicals as he declares victory. 

 The 1989 Batmobile came with some obvious upgrades that its twenty year old counter part lacked. The vehicle was equipped with machine guns, grenades, a grappling hook, side fins, a hydraulic lift, a bat-disc thrower, and bat-missle just to name a few. The V-8 was replaced with a jet engine and reached a top speed of 330 mph. The car had 1500 bls of thrust and 1750 lbs of torque. All of this allowed the Batmobile to go from 0-60 in 3.7 seconds.